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is a financial investment company that commits approximately $ 2 billion in capital per annum in private investments that include venture, growth capital and small buyouts. We drive value through a strategic and operational approach coupled with patient capital and an extremely flexible mandate. We identify great ideas and invest in the visionary leaders of tomorrow. We are an experienced and sophisticated institutional investor, generating attractive returns through global private investments in venture, growth, and small buyout assets worldwide.

We invest in middle market businesses that are facing an inflection point and ready for transformation. This includes corporate carveouts, family or founder owned businesses, and companies requiring investment to drive organic or acquisitive growth.

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Our Portfolio

Over the years, we have partnered with dozens of exceptional companies at every stage of their journey, leveraging our expertise, experience and resources to transform ideas to reality and accelerate growth. With a long-term investment horizon and a focus on value creation, we deploy patient capital across industries – through direct investments, established venture and growth funds, emerging venture and growth funds, and buyout funds – in order to generate healthy returns and support the goals of the Emirate Vision 2030.
Direct Investment
Throughout its history, Shahico Investment Company has completed numerous direct investments across different sectors and geographies. In 2001, Direct Investments was officially launched as the primary platform for Shahico Investment Company’s long term principal investing activity and as part of the firm’s strategic refocus on becoming the preferred investment partner in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Generally, the services we offer are dynamic and provides a gateway for capital flows to and from growing the economy. We provide state of the art financing solutions to the SME segment of the market catering to their business requirements through a team of specialized SME Relationship Managers.
Corporate Loans
Turning your business dreams into a successful reality usually calls for additional finance. Acquisitions, floatations, business development and cross-border expansion may all demand extra funds and require specialist advice. Armed with global expertise and local knowledge and experience of the various sectors, Shahico Investment Company corporate finance/loans experts can help you meet the expectations of the financial community.
Identify And Invest
In the world of business, we know that timing is critical. Our dynamic and agile team and organization allow us to identify, analyze, and execute investments efficiently and effectively, without compromising our due diligence and robust governance. Each year we commit around $2 billion throughout the business lifecycle and across multiple funding rounds to spur the growth of dynamic and developing businesses with outstanding teams and disruptive business models. Our shareholder and leadership team take a holistic view of success, measured in decades not quarters. With paid-up capital of $8 billion, we define our impact not only through risk adjusted returns of individual investments but more broadly through the growth journeys of our partner companies and their collective contribution to economic growth, job creation, and social impact.
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ADIL WASEEM - Chairman



RAMESH HAYEL - Operating Manager