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Bank Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit, Medium Term Notes, Credit, Project Funding, Certificate of Deposit, Loans, Financing, Treasury Management.
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Our commitment
Every year, we commit approximately $2 billion in global private investments throughout the business lifecycle, leveraging our unique position, expertise and experience to create value for our partners and shareholders.
Our focus
Since 2009, we have focused on identifying, investing in and transforming groundbreaking ideas into tangible realities. We aim to partner with the originators of these ideas – entrepreneurs who harness the innovations of mind and matter to fulfill societal needs in ways that are scalable and sustainable.
Our ambition
We aim to become a globally influential investor in venture, growth, and small buyout assets – a partner of choice that values excellence, discipline, and inspiration. Our holistic approach to financial guidance starts with establishing a personal relationship. Once we understand your values and goals, we will tailor our recommendations so you can pursue your dreams.
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Grow your business by providing your suppliers and vendors with certainty of payment.
A letter of credit is a document typically from a bank (Issuing Bank), assuring that a seller (Beneficiary) will receive payment.
We provide project finance/funding for our clients through the lease and monetization of cash/asset backed Bank Guarantee, Standby Letter of Credit,